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Wallpaper Russia By Kio Kio-d2zg1r4 by TheSimSilly

I remember that day like it was yesterday.
it was the day that I got locked up in my own school,
the day that I made my first friends,
the day that I will never forget even if I want to...

It was the first day of school at the World Academy (Strange name, right?) since I moved to this town. I was running late like always, I have a bad habit to oversleep so in my previous school they started calling me 'Sleeping Beauty'. Stupid nickname, right?   Anyways, I arrived at the school around 08:40 in the morning, which meant that I was only ten minutes late.
I walked into the school, made my way to the front office, and told them who I was.
There weren't any teachers inside the office, not even adults! The only human beings inside the room were two young girls around my age, wearing the same blue T-shirt with the school's logo on it. 
Both girls smiled kindly when I told them that I was a new student.

"Welcome to the World Academy!" The blonde girl said. "Do you need someone to guide you around the school?" 

I shook my head. 
"No thank you." I said. "I'l be fine, I have a great sense of direction." 
That was a lie, by the way. I have a horrible sense of direction, but I didn't want anyone to think that I couldn't do anything on my own. 

"Are you sure?" The brunette asked. "We could arrange the most handsome guys for you." 

"No thank you." You repeated. 

"Maybe Arthur Kirkland, he is a real gentleman and handsome too!" The blonde one said without listening to you. "Or maybe Lovino! He is kind of an asshole, but he is one of the most handsome guys in our school! But, judging from your looks, You are more an Antonio-type. Antonio is tall, handsome and really funny, he is very popular among new students." 

It was like she was selling me cows or something! Seriously, she kept talking and talking about cute guys who I don't care about at all!
"I really don't need a guide." I said nervously.

But, as expected, the two girls didn't listen and kept talking and giggling about the handsome guys who could possibly be my guide. They kept shouting names of guys I didn't know ("Francis, Yoa, Alfred, Ludwig!") untill the brunette girl whispered something.

"What about Ivan Braginski?" She whispered. 

The other girl giggled. 
"Do you want to have the new girl dead in one day!" She said to her friend. 

The brunette giggled along with her friend, while I stood two meters away frm them, feeling akward.

"May I go to my class now?" I asked. 

The two girls stopped laughing and gave you your school roster. 
I walked away from the room, I was happy that I didn't have to listen to those girls any longer. I started to get nervous when I saw that it was almost nine o'clock. After seaching for five minutes I found the right classroom. I took a deep breath and entered the room. 

The room was different than I had immagined. Well, it wasn't really the room that was bothering me, it were the students inside. 
  • Two guys, who kinda looked like eachother, had some sort of wierd curl sticking out their hair, 
  • a guy with light-coloured hair was wearing a scarf (eventhough it was summer and 30 degree outside)
  • a guy with white hair and creepy red eyes was talling to a girl who was holding a frying pan (Who the hell brings a frying pan to school?!) 
  • A blonde guy was holding a gun and aiming it at a brown-haired guy with glasses who seemed to be bothered with the albino and the girl talking. 
  • A sweet-lookng blonde girl, with gigantic green eyes, was sitting next to the guy with the gun and for some reason they had the same haircut.
and many more....

'This school is filled with idiots!' I thought. 
I looked at your roster to see if I had entered the right classroom. 
Room 23B... No doubt, I had entered the right room, this was my class, these weirdos were my classmates. I wondered if it was a great idea to transfer to this school.  

I moved a few steps back. No one had noticed me yet so I could still run away. 
I slowely moved backwards untill I felt a hand on my shoulder.
When I turned around I saw a guy with messy blonde hair, bushy eyebrows, and emerald green eyes. 

"Are you the new student?" He asked friendly. 

I nodded.
"Yes, I am." I said. "My name is (name)"
'Dammit! I can't run away anymore!'

The blonde boy smiled at you.
"My name is Arthur Kirkland." He said. "I am the student council president." 

So that was one of the guys those weird girls were talking about. They were sort of right about this guy... He wasn't ugly at all! 

"Where is the teacher?" I asked Arthur. 

"Don't worry," Arthur said. "He is always late. He will be here soon... Probably." 

Probably?! Was he serious? Something fishy was going on with this school and I wasn't sure if I liked it...

"Why don't you go and sit next to Elizabeth, while I search for a teacher." Arthur suggested, while pointing at the empty chair next to the girl with the frying pan.

I nodded and Arthur walked away. 
I turned my head back to the classroom. I thought that, if no one had noticed me, I could still ditch class and never return again, but some students, like the guy with the scarf, had noticed me. There was something creepy about that dude that made me feel uncomfortable  

I slowly walked to the seat next to the the Frying-Pan-Girl, Elizabeth, and sat down. 

"Hello!" Elizabeth said. "Late at your first day, huh?" 

"Yeah," I said nervously. "Two girls kept talking about the school's cutest guys!" 
I didn't want to mention that I overslept...

"Ah, those two..." The white-haired boy in front of you, who was talking to Elizabeth before, sighed. "Did they mention me?" 

"What's your name?" I asked. 

"Gilbert Beilschmidt."

"No, they didn't mentioned you at all." 

Elizabeth laughed. 
"I like you, girl." She said to me. "What's your name, by the way?" 

"I'm (Name)" I said. 

"I'm Elizabeth." Elizabeth said. "That handsome guy over there is Roderich, the guy pointing a gun at him is Basch and Lili is the cute girl next to him. Those two blonde guys are Alfred and Francis, Ivan is the guy with the scarf and---" 

"Those girl's mentioned something about him too." I interrupted Elizabeth. 

"Really?" Gilbert said. "They forget about The Awesome Me, but they say that Ivan is handsome?!" 

"They didn't say that he is handsome." I told Gilbert. "They said... Well... Er..."
I didn't really knew how to explain it to them. 

"Did they say that Ivan was scary?" Elizabeth asked. 

"Or dangerous?" Gilbert suggested. 

I nodded.
"Sort of..." I said. "Is he really dangerous?" 

Gilbert shrugged his shoulders.
"All I know is that he is scary is hell!" 

Elizabeth nodded.
"It's not like I'm scared of him." She said. "But you shouldn't let your guide down when you're around him." 

I felt really bad for Ivan. 
I didn't even know him and I already thought that he was a scary creep. 
"He can't be really dangerous, right?" I said. "I mean, he is just a highschool student." 

"A creepy highschool student." Gilbert corrected me. 

"Why don't you go and talk to him yourself?" Elizabeth suggested. 

I stood up.
I had this weird, uneasy feeling in my stomach that rold me that this was a bad idea, but I didn't want Elizabeth and Gilbert to think that I was a coward. 
I walked to the front of the classroom, to the table where Ivan was sitting." 

"I-- Er---" I muttered nervously.

Ivan turned his head and smiled at me. 
He actually had a sweet face from up close, but his purple stared at me like they were staring right through my soul and what was up with that creepy aura?! 

"I-- Er-- My name is (Name)" I stuttered. "What's yours?" 
'What the hell am I doing?' I thought. 'I already know the answer!'

"Ivan Braginski." Ivan said. 

"That's a cool name." I said. 
I wasn't really lying. I really thought that Ivan was a pretty name, but he was scaring the crap out of me and I actually wanted to run away from him, away from this school, but that would probably hurt his feelings so I decided to walk back to my seat, acting as cool as I could.

"So..." Gilbert and Elizabeth stared hopeful at you when I sat down. "How was he?" 

"He only said his own name and it already made shivers run down my spine." I said. "That guy really is creepy." 

Gilbert laughed.
"Is the new girl scared?" He said.

"No way!" I yelled. 

"Wait until you hear the rumors about him." Elizabeth told me. "Then you'll get scared." 

"What rumors?" I asked confused.

"Well, There's a rumor that Ivan locked a student up in this school when the others had left." Elizabeth whispered. "The student thought that she was alone, but she wasn't. Ivan was still inside the school, waiting for the poor girl to fall into his trap. And when she did, she was killed... by Ivan." 

"Killed?!" I whispered shocked.

"And then he ate her corpse!" Gilbert said. 

"Do you believe those rumors?" I asked them.

Gilbert and Elizabeth shrugged. 

I stared at Ivan. 
Could there really be a murderer behnd his cute but creepy face?


Time flew by and before I knew it my first schoolday was over. 
I said goodbye to Gilbert and Elizabeth and walked to my new locker. Since I just transfered I got the last locker on the otherside of the hallway. I had to walk five minutes to get their, but it was a really private locker at least, I mean, since I only had one 'neighbor'. 
I walked through the hallway, wondering who's locker would be next to mine, as I suddenly froze. 
The person standing in front of me, my locker neighbor, was no one less than Ivan Braginski. 

I couldn't believe it.
Out of all students on this school...
Maybe I could still run away, I didn't really had to put anything in my locker yet, I just wanted to check it out. I could just ask Elizabeth if I can put my stuff in her locker tomorrow! 

I did a few steps backwards, but it was too late.
Ivan closed his locker and turned his head. His scary eyes were looking straight into mine.
I hadn't talked to him since he introduced himself, but I couldn't get that rumor out of my head. I wasn't sure if I believed it, I didn't WANT to believe it, but Ivan was still creeping me out. 

"Hi." Ivan said to me.

"Hi." I said back, trying to sound as calm as possible.
But, to be honest, I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry like a little girl who thinks that there's some kind of monster in her closet. I felt terrible for judging Ivan without getting to know him, but there was something about him that stopped me from getting near him. 
I wanted to scream and run away, but I couldn't. If I did that it would probably hurt his feelings and that would make things worse. 
Ivan did a few steps in my direction and I automatically backed away. 

"Is something wrong?" Ivan asked. 

I shook my head, but I was trembling on my legs. 
I was mentally screaming for help.  
'Someone, please get me away from here!' 

"Ivan." I backed away a little more. "I- I Really have to-- Er--" 

Suddenly I felt a warm hand resting on I shoulder. 
"(Name)!" A voice behind you said. "I was looking for you." 

You turned around and saw Arthur, the student council president, behind you. 

"Did I scare you?" He asked. "You look really pale." 

I smiled at him.
"A little bit." I said.

"(Name), I want you to sign some forms." Arthur continued. "To make you an official student at the World Academy." 

I nodded and followed Arthur to a small office.

"Don't worry." Arthur said. "You only have to fill in a few forms, you'll be done in a few minutes." 

"Arthur, may I ask you something?" I asked.

Arthur nodded.

"What kind of guy is Ivan?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked, but I could see in his eyes that he knew exactly what I was talking about. 

"Is it true what they say about him?" 

It took a while for Arthur to respond.
"I don't know." He said. "But it's just a rumor, you shouldn't worry too much about it." 

I nodded.

"I'll be going now." Arthur said. "Put those forms on my desk when your done." 
He smiled at me and left the room.


"Just a few forms, he said." I muttered angry while writing down my answers on the pieces of paper. "You'll be done in a few minutes, he said." 

It was almost seven o'clock (in the evening!!!) when I finally finished up all the forms.

"I can't believe he made me do all this!" I yawned, glaring at the big pile of paper. 

I grabbed my forms and left the office. 
The hallway was empty and the lights were off. I am not really comfortable with darkness so I decided to hurry to the student council room and put the pile on Arthur's desk as fast as I could. 
After I did that, I made my way to the front door. 
I yawned again as I moved my hand to the doorknob, it really was an exhausting day. 
I turned the doorknob and pushed, but for some reason the door didn't open. I tried agin, nothing happened. 
I pushed at pulled until my hands started hurting, but the door wouldn't budge. 

My heart dropped when I suddenly heard a voice behind me.

"It's no use." The voice said. "The door is locked." 

I tuned around to see who was standing behind me. It was like my worst nightmare became reality, the person behind me was Ivan Braginski.
It was just like the story Elizabeth had told me. Does this mean that the rumors were true? Does that mean that Ivan is a murderer? Does that mean that he is going to kill me? 
No time to think! I had to get away from there, I had to get away from Ivan. I ran away as fast as I could.  Ivan called my name, but I didn't listen, I kept running untill my legs couldn't carry me anymore. 
I had just entered the gymnasium when I fell down on my knees. I was exhausted and couldn't run any longer. But what if Ivan was following me? I had to hide somewhere. I looked around and I noticed a depository. I entered it and hoped that I was safe in here.

I sat there for ten minutes but it felt like forever. It was dark in there and I was scared. Tears couldn't stop falling from my eyes and I was trembling. I was wondering if Ivan was looking for me and if I would ever be able to get out of here. 
After the longest ten minutes of my life, I heard the door of the gymnasium. 

I startled and tripped over a basketball lying on the floor. I grabbed a ball-filled net, which was hanging on the low ceiling, to prevent myself from falling on the floor. But, of course, the net couldn't handle my weight and fell from the ceiling and covered my intire body. I got completely stuck and a wasn't able to move at all.

The door of the depository opened Ivan walked in. He must have heard the basketballs falling on the floor. 
He stared at me. I couldn't do anything, I was caught like a little fish in the net. 
It was too dark to see everything, but you saw that Ivan grabbed something out of his pocket, it was a knife.
I was too scared to scream, too scared to move. 
I had never felt this helpless in my intire life. When Ivan came closer, all I could do was closing my eyes and waiting for an incredible pain and a river of warm, red blood coming from my own body. 

I waited a vew seconds, but nothing happend. 
I heard that Ivan was really close to me, but I didn't feel anything.
I didn't feel an incredible pain, I didn't feel blood, I felt nothing... 

I opened my eyes.
Ivan was sitting next to me, holding his knife. It didn't look like he was trying to hurt me, no, he was trying to free me! He cut the net and helped me get up.
My legs were shaking.

"Are you alright?" Ivan asked. 

I was confused.
I had never been this confused in my intire life. What the hell did jus happen? I did a few steps backwards untill my back hit the wall. 

"Are you alright?" Ivan repeated.

I couldn't answer. I couldn't speak. 
Ivan was still holding his knife and it was way too close to my face! 

Ivan backed away when he saw my face.
He dropped his knife and stared at me, with big eyes like he was about to cry.

"A- Are you scared of me?" He asked. 

There were many different ways to answer his question
  • "Yes!" (The Easy Answer)
  • "No!" (The Lie-For-His-Own-Good Answer)
  • "Who isn't?" (The Truth-But-Will-Probably-Hurt-His-Feelings Answer) 
  • "It's all Gilbert's fault! (The Blame-Others-Ans-Run-Away Answer) 
  • "I-- Er-- I heard some rumors..." (The Carefull Answer) 
I decided to go with the last one.

"I-- Er-- I heard some rumors." I muttered.

"And you believed them?!" Ivan yelled. I'm possitive that I saw tears in his purple eyes when he said that. 
Ivan walked to the corner of the dark room and sat down, he burried his face in his hands. 

I was ashamed. 
Yes, I believed those rumors. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA?!
How could I have been so stupid to believe those rumors? I knew like no one else that rumors are always lies. In my previous school I got bullied alot, I had no friends, and people spread horrible rumors about me. Those rumors were nothing near the truth, but still, alot of people believed them. I hated those people. They judged me without even getting to know me, he bullied me and hated me without even knowing who I was. I hated those people! And now I became one myself... 
I could punch myself in the face! I hated myself for hurting Ivan's feelings like his. He was trying to help me, but all I saw was a monster! 
I started crying.

"I'm sorry, Ivan!" I cried. "I'm sorry! I'm a horrible person!" 
I walked to him and sat down beside him. 
"I'm sorry." 
I hugged him, Ivan was cuddlier than I epected. I wasn't scared anymore, but I was still trembling.

"Do you want me to tell you something?" Ivan said. "About me.." 

"Sure." I whispered without letting go of him. 

"A few years ago, when I was a freshman at this school, I met a really sweet girl. When I was young alot of people bullied me, but she didn't and we became friends. That girl was funny, loved to draw and watch horror movies, eventhough she was afraid of her own shadow. One day, she was asked to clean the classrooms. She was a perfectionist so it took her a while to finish up her work. I waited for her at our lockers. When she as finished the school was already closed. The others forgot that we were still here  and locked the front door. The girl, my best friend, didn't know that I was waiting for her, she didn't know that I was still inside the school, so when she heard my footsteps she got scared. She watched too many scary movies and saw ghost everywhere! I tried to help her, but she didn't recognized me, she would only run away. It really hurt when she screamed as she saw my face. My best friend, my only friend, had gone completely mad. After a while she couldn't take it anymore and then.... She killed herself." 

It kelt quiet for a moment.
I didn't really know how to respond. 
What happened to Ivan's friend was horrifying and because of me he had to experience it all over again. 
His friend was scared of Ivan, even though he was only trying to help her, the smae thing happened with me.
His friend was going was scared of things that weren't real, so was I. 
A few minutes ago I was crying like a little baby because I was scared that my life was going to end, but Ivan was the one who was really scared. He was scared that what happened to his friend was going to happen with me...

"You waited for me, didn't you." I said. 

Ivan nodded.
"I didn't want to leave you alone." He said. "I was afraid that you would go mad as well, I wanted to help you, but I only made things worse." 

"That's not true." I said, holding Ivan a little tighter. "I'm scared of the dark, so if you weren't here I would be crying like a little girl right now."

Ivan didn't reply.

"Thank you." I whispered. "You really are a great friend."  

"Thank you, (name)." Ivan whispered back. "Thank you for listening to me."

I yawned.
"I'm tired." I muttered. "That stupid student council president made me sign twenth forms." 

Ivan chuckled.
"Then go to sleep." He said. "We are stuck here, anyways." 

"I can't." I muttered sleepy. "I'm scared of the dark. I can't sleep like this." 

"Don't worry." Ivan said. "I'm here, so you don't have to be scared." 

That was the moment when I relized that I wasn't afraid of Ivan anymore. I wasn't even scared of the darkness anymore! Ivan was right next to me to protect me, so there was nothing to be afraid of.
I smiled at Ivan.
He smiled back.
I noticed how handsome he was. His cute face combined with his sexy, purple eyes... I was Mazed that I didn't relized it before. His smile made me feel all warm inside. 
I closed my eyes and leaned against Ivan's warm body.

"Good night." I whispered. 

"Good night." Ivan said.

The next day students woke us up. When I woke up I noticed that I was still holding Ivan, but I didn't care, it actually felt really nice. 
Arthur was one of the students. He muttered something about being worried about us and apologizing about locking the door. 
Ivan and I explained everything (Well... Most of it) and Arthur finally calmed down.

"I'm glad that you are okay." He said.

"Me too." Ivan said. 

After that Ivan and I became friends. I protected Ivan from the bullies and he protected me from the bad grades (great deal, right?) he helped me studying every Saturday, which became my most favorite day of the week. Sometimes I still think back to the weird adventure we had on my first day of school.

I remember that day like it was yesterday.
it was the day that I got locked up in my own school,
the day that I made my first friends,
the day that I will never forget even if I want to,

the day that I met the love of my life.

Requested by: :icongreenhairedemi:
(Oh my gosh it's hard to think of a plot for Russia!)

I don't think Russia is a psychopathic murderer! I just thought that it would be an awesome story ^^'

It's a bit different from my other reader inserts, but I really liked writing this. I hope you enjoyed it as well :D

Because I love to read your comments :3

Preview picture was made by :iconkio-kio: [link]
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Anyways this was amazing and thank you for invoking my feels... This was beautiful. :icondramaticspainplz:
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Thanks again! <3
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