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Wooo! My first fanfiction!!!
Please excuse me for any grammar and spelling mistakes; English isn't my first language :)

You walked through the streets of the small village where you were born and raised. You followed the loud voices of the people who were all assembled on a village square near the harbour. Each year the villagers celebrated the foundation of this small but beautiful island with a festival. The festival was exactly the same each year, with a market musicians and lots of dancing and singing. Today was the day of the festival and, just like you do every year, you decided to visit the market. You never really cared about singing and dancing, but you loved looking at the nicely decorated stalls and the beautiful stuff that they sold.
You stopped walking when you made it to the village square and you noticed that it wasn't as busy as usual. You remembered that, when you were young, you always had a hard time not bumping into someone when you were running around the market, (you also remember your dad getting angry because you were misbehaving) but that wasn't the case this year at all. Only a few villagers were loudly chatting and walking past the stalls and they were mostly guys. Of course you weren't surprised by this at all, due to the situation were your village was in at the moment. But even though the festival wasn't as lively as it usually was, the mood was still great and everyone smiled politely at you when they walked past you.
You thought that it might be a fun idea to buy your friend a present while you were here. You looked around the market to look for a suiting stall, when your eyes fell on a small jewellery shop. It wasn't a stall and it actually wasn't part of the market at all, but you thought that a necklace would be a cute present. You opened the wooden door of the small shop and noticed that it was no one was there, you figured that the young lady who was running this shop was probably enjoying the market as well and took this opportunity to look around. The jewellery shop had all kinds of things: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other things in every size and colour, but you attention was more drawn to the mirror hanging against the wall than the jewellery itself. The mirror was small and round and the light wooden border was decorated with dancing bears. You glared at it and saw a young girl with confident (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair glaring back at you. You were wearing a dirty, white shirt, leather trousers and a plain red bandana was tied into your (h/l) (h/c) hair.
‘I look just like a boy.’ You thought while examining your reflection in the mirror. But you didn't mind that you looked like a boy, no, you actually looked like this on purpose. Women were always treated less then man, that had been this way your whole life, but the treatment of the females became even worse when villagers suddenly disappeared. Women and little children were kidnapped and no one knew were they went and no one ever found them. Some say that they were murdered and that their corpses were eaten and others say that the women are still alive, waiting for someone to save them. You didn't know what was the truth and what wasn't, but to be honest you didn't really care about that, all you knew was that the women are gone and that they will never return. The villagers were really shocked about the kidnapping and they made a new rule; It would be too dangerous to let the “fragile and weak” females run around the villages when the culprit is still out somewhere, so all females, from every age, needs to stay indoors unless a male is guiding her.
You didn't like this rule, you didn't want to stay home all the time especially not with the festival going on, so you didn't listen to the rule. But of course you understood that if you would skip around the village, looking very feminine in you beautiful dress that you were forced to wear, you would get in trouble, so once in a while, you dressed up as boyish as you could and went out to buy some stuff.

“May I help you?”

Your heart dropped when you suddenly heard a voice. The young girl who was running this store for as long as you could remember had been in the back of the store the whole time and had now returned. He had long and curly blonde hair and big blue eyes. She smiled politely at you while you tried to calm down and remember why you were here for again. Luckily you didn't even have to think of an answer, because the shop owner did it for you.

“You are looking for a ring, right?” She said. Her eyes widened and her pale cheeks turned pink, like she suddenly got excited about something. “You are here to buy a ring for your fiancée, right?”
You weren't expecting such a question and wasn't really prepared. You nervously cleared your throat and muttered: “I don’t have one, miss.”

The young lady’s smile widened and she shook her head.
“Oh, I mean your future fiancée of course.” She said. “You wouldn't need a ring if the two of you are already engaged. But such a handsome boy like you would have a girlfriend, right? I would propose to her as fast as you can, if I were you. Before it’s too late.”

“But I don’t have a girlfr— Wait!” You said when you realized what the female shop owner was telling you. “What do you mean ‘before it’s too late?’”

The young lady chuckled and you saw in her eyes that she was waiting for you to ask that question.
“Haven’t you heard?” She said mysteriously.

“Heard what?!”

“My my, you aren't from here, are you?” The lady said while she examined your whole body. “Everyone in our villages already knows about it. I thought that you looked very familiar, but that must have been my imagination!”

You cleared your throat again.
“Could you please tell me more about it, miss?” You tried to keep as polite as possible, but you were actually getting really annoyed by the young lady.

The big, exciting smile disappeared from the lady’s face and she suddenly looked unusual serious. She laid her hands on her desk and took a deep breath.
“Pirates.” She whispered.

The only thing that the villagers might fear even more than the mysterious female kidnapper are pirates. You heard from old tales that ever since this village was build, it had been terrorized by pirates. You never seen one in person, but the stories tell that they are horrible.

“Oh, but not just any pirate!” The lady continued. “It’s Arthur Kirkland. I suppose you DO have heard of him, right?”

You slowly nodded your head.
You might not have been well informed about everything, but even you knew who Arthur Kirkland was. He was one of the most famous and the most feared pirate captain who ever lived. He was dangerous, merciless, and heartless. He has killed millions of innocent people and Stories tell that he even killed his own brother. He does everything for money and power, if he was involved in something, you knew that it was bad news!

“He’s here to find a girl to marry him.” The lady bowed forward over her desk and looked you straight in the eyes. It was obvious that she was enjoying the fact that you were so interested b her story. “No wait- He’s here to take a girl to become his wife. That’s why everyone is getting married out of the blue; They think that Kirkland won’t take any married girl. But that’s nonsense, if you ask me, I don’t think that the most feared pirate of the world would spare someone just because she’s already married.”

You got more and more angry as the young lady spoke. You felt disgusted that a pirate could just walk into a village, take a girl he likes and then leave like nothing happened!
“Perfect timing!” You yelled sarcastically. “At this rate all the women will disappear!”

The lady nodded her head.
“Sad but true.” She said. “But it’s great for my business and luckily I’m already married!”

“But I thought you said that marrying wouldn't solve anything.”

The lady chuckled.
“For normal girls it won’t help.” He said. “But my husband is very scary and strong, and if Kirkland ever even tries to touch me, my husband will probably kill him!”

At that moment a male voice came from the back of the jeweler store.

The Lady sighed.
“Speaking of the devil….” She muttered. “Well, I have to go now, if you don’t want to buy anything….”

You quickly shook your head.
“No I just wanted to look around.”

“Hurry up.” The Lady smiled before she turned her back to you. “Kirkland can be here any minute.”
You turned around and walked back to the wooden door.
Everything the lady had told you was really hard to believe and if it was true, why didn't you know about it yet? Couldn't someone have told you that there might be a chance that some crazy pirate captain wants to marry you? But to be honest, you weren't really worried about yourself, you were afraid that the pirate captain might take someone who you really cared about, that he would take you best friend, that he would take Lily from you. Lily has been your friend ever since can remember and she means the world to you. She is rich and very pretty too, so the chance that a pirate would take someone like her would be big.
You opened the door and walked back to the market and saw that there were still people chatting and laughing with each other. They did know what was going to happen, right? How could they enjoy the festival when they knew that something terrible is about to happen? You walked away, you didn't want to be with those villagers, you wanted to warn Lily and tell her what was about to happen.
You were about to head for her house when you realized something.
‘My dad can get home any minute!’ You thought. ‘If he noticed I was gone, he’ll kill me!’
After hesitating for a few seconds you decided to go home first and meet up with Lily later, now you thought about it, Lily would probably already about Kirkland anyway.

You sprinted back home and kicked the front door open. When you got inside you saw that your dad wasn't home yet. You let out a relieved sigh and went to your room. You quickly undressed yourself and put your boyish clothes in a box and hid it underneath your bed. You dad didn't know that you sometimes leave the house, dressed up like, a boy and you want to keep it that way.
You walked to the wooden closet on the other side of your bedroom and pulled it open, you picked the first dress you could find and started dressing yourself. You nervously looked outside the window when you heard the voice of a screaming man through the village.

“He’s here!” The man yelled. “The pirate is here!”

You took a deep breath and tried to calm down, but you could feel your heart beat in your throat.
If you knew what was about to happen before today, like most of the villagers already did, you might have felt less nervous. You tried make your hair look less messy with your hands when you heard the sound of the front door; your dad came home. You held your breath while you listened how heavy footsteps came closer and a few seconds later your dad opened the door.

“I need to tell you something important!” He yelled. “There’s a—“

“A sick pirate captain who’ll might try to marry me or any other girl from the village?” You interrupted him. “Yeah, I already know that.”

It remained quiet for a while. It was obvious that your dad didn’t expect you to know it already.
“Oh…” He muttered.

“Why didn't you tell me?!” You cried out.

Your dad looked at the ground, like there was a really interesting bug crawling around.
“I didn't want you to worry.” He muttered.

You suddenly got really angry.
“So you thought that I wouldn't find out?!”  You yelled. “You thought that you could just keep it a secret from me and when the time was there you could just say: “Hey listen, there might be a pirate captain who wants to marry you! Good luck!” Did you really think that that would work out?!”

Your dad moved him eyes away from the floor and back at you. It didn't look like he was ashamed or like he was going to apologize or anything. He just looked at you and said:
“If you already knew about this, than why are you still dressed like that?”

You looked down at the pink dress that you were wearing. You remember when your dad bought it for you and you haven’t wore it ever since. The dress looked pretty nice and you didn't see what was wrong with it. You thought that your dad wanted you to wear this dress.

“What do you mean?” You asked.

“You don’t want to get married, right?” Your dad said with a grin on his face. “Then you should stop looking so pretty.”

Only after a few seconds you understood what your dad was talking about. Arthur Kirkland, one of the most feared pirates of all time, would probably want a very pretty girl to be his wife, that only made sense. So wearing a cute pink dress might just attract his attention. But if you looked horrible, the pirate captain might not even look at you.
You moved your hands to your head and made your hear look like one big (h/c) mess. You grinned at your dad and he smiled back. You opened the closet and grabbed the ugliest dress you could find. It was yellow with all kinds of frills attached to it. You dad examined the dress, after looking at it for a few seconds he shook his head and grabbed a pair of scissors from a drawer. He took your ugly yellow dress and started making holes in it with the scissors. After he was finished it didn't really look like a dress anymore.

It remained silent while you and your dad stared at the yellow fabric, then your dad walked to the door and opened it.

“Someone will get here to pick you up.” He said, you noticed that his voice was trembling. “Make sure you are ready by then.”
“Aren't you coming with me?” You asked.

Your dad shook his head.
“No, I’m not.” He said. “But that’s okay, we we’ll see each other soon, right?”

You forced yourself to smile as your dad walked away and closed the door behind him. You looked at the box under your bed and wondered if you couldn't use your boy clothes instead of the dress, but if you did that, your dad would find out that you had disobeyed him and you didn't want that to happen. Besides, the yellow dress looked horrible enough, it was maybe even better.

After a few minutes you could hear the front door. The man who was supposed to pick you up had arrived. When you walked to the living room you saw that it wasn't just a man, it was Hank, he sold fish on the market and he was a good friend of your dad, but you liked to call him the Fish-Guy. He politely greeted you when he saw you.

“I’ll be right back.” You said to your dad.

He didn't reply and you followed Hank to the centre of the little old village. There was a village square there too, even bigger than the one where you celebrated the festival. A very long time ago the villagers used that square to execute people, so it was never really busy now, but today was different; the whole village was there, to see what who the famous pirate captain was and what he was going to so. The fish-guy said that you should wait with the other girls and he pointed to a group of girls who were talking. There was only one girl who wasn't talking with the others, Lily. She sat on a crate, with her face buried in her hands. You said goodbye to the Fish-Guy and ran up to your best friend. She looked up when she heard you coming and you saw that she had been crying.

“Please, don’t go with that pirate!” She moaned. “I don’t want you to go!”

Lily was wearing a pretty purple dress that matched the bow the was wearing in her short blonde hair, her big green eyes sparkled in the sunlight and it didn't look like she even bothered to look ugly today. You didn't understand that she had even time to worry about you when she looked this stunning herself.
“You should worry about yourself.”

You looked around the village square. The villagers had formed a big circle around the girls, waiting patiently for something to happen. You saw that there weren't any pirates around yet, and no pirate captain.
“Don’t worry, Lily.” You whispered to your friend. “I will protect you.”

Lilly sobbed quietly when the villagers on the left side of the circle moved away to make way for someone else. It was a young man with messy blonde hair, big emerald green eyes and his eyebrows were thicker than average. He was wearing a long red coat with golden edges. With a self-centered grin on his pale face, the man  walked to the execution platform.

“Good day, villagers!” The man yelled, so the people on the other side of square could hear it as well. “I am The Great Arthur Kirkland and as you are all aware of I am here to choose my future wife!”

The pirate paused and looked at the crowd while a shiver of disgust ran through your spine. You looked around but you didn't see any other pirates besides Arthur Kirkland, you didn't expect that he would come alone, you thought that he would have someone to protect him in case the villagers would start a riot or something. But a pirate as evil as Arthur Kirkland could probably kill all of you alone and besides, no one in your village would be brave enough to say something, not even the Jewellery lady’s husband.

Arthur Kirkland let out a short laugh.
“I won’t leave you in tension any longer.” He said. “Let’s get started.”
Arthur Kirkland jumped off the incredibly high platform (some of the people in the crowd screamed in shock) but he skilfully landed on both of his feet. He walked to the centre of the circle, where the girls were standing, with the same disgusting grin on his face. You grabbed Lily’s hand and joined the other girls who were standing in an orderly line next to each other. Arthur examined every girl like they were some kind of animals (one of the girls fainted) and you felt that Lily’s hand was a  warm an sweaty.

“Don’t show him that you are scared.” You whispered when Arthur Kirkland was getting closer. “Don’t worry he won’t choose you!”  

Lily nodded her head, but you saw that she was trembling. Arthur walked past the line of women and after he had examined Lily he moved to you.
For what looked like an hour he stared at you and you stared back, trying not to show how helpless you felt. Arthur Kirkland smirked and moved on to another woman. You let out a relieved sigh when he walked away and you felt like you could cry. Lily held your hand tighter and she sobbed softly while Arthur Kirkland walked past all the girls.

After a while, Arthur Kirkland clapped in his hands.
“I made a decision!” He yelled and you could hear someone in the crowd gasp for air.

“I—“  Arthur walked past the all the girls again.
“Choose—“ Arthur was getting awfully close now.
“YOU!” He stopped walking in front of Lily.

“NO!” Lily cried out. “NOOOO!”

You suddenly froze. You couldn't talk and you couldn't move while Lily screamed the lungs out of her body. All of this looked like a dream, it looked like a nightmare that became true. You knew that you had to do something, but what could you do?

“Take her away.” Arthur ordered, nodding his head in Lily’s direction, who’s legs had stopped working and she was now sitting on the ground.
Out of nowhere pirates appeared who grabbed Lily and pulled her with them toward the harbour. Arthur Kirkland followed his crewmates while Lily still screamed and cried.

“NO!” You could finally move again and you were now running after Lily. “LILY! I will save you! Don’t worry I’ll get you out of there!” You felt warm tears running down your cheeks.
You desperately grabbed the pirate captain’s red coat.
“You won’t get away with this!” You cried. “I will protect her!”

Arthur turned around and let out a short and cold laugh.
“Don’t worry.” He said. “Your friend is in good hands.”

You felt your blood boil out of anger when Arthur Kirkland walked away to the harbour. You had to do something, you promised that you would protect Lily, so you couldn't just stay here and do nothing! But what could you do? You couldn't possibly defeat those pirates on your own! Unless….

You suddenly got an idea, you doubted that it would work out, but you could at least try it. Without looking at the crowd who were now trying to comfort you, you ran away, away from the village square, you ran back home.

Your dad was sitting at the kitchen table when you walked in. He looked pale, but relieved that you had returned. But as soon as he saw that you were crying he guessed what happened. You told him that you were going to save Lily, that you were going to bring her back home and for some reason your dad didn't stop you, you expected that he would say that it was stupid and that someone like you could never do something like that, but he just nodded your head. You tried to explain your plan, but your dad didn't want to know, you only had to promise that you would come back safely.
You walked to your room and grabbed the box underneath your bed. You took a deep breath and changed into the boyish clothes that were inside the box.

You waited until it was evening before you walked to the harbour. It was dark and the only sound that you could hear seemed to come from the pirate ship. The pirate ship was huge! You had never seen such an enormous ship in your entire life! But of course The Great Arthur Kirkland would need a big ship. You nervously felt if your bandana was still tied on top of your head an walked closer to the ship. You could hear pirates sing and scream, they sounded like they were drunk. But their little party made it easier to get on their ship without being seen. You quietly sneaked to the Captain’s room and since the other pirates were too busy laughing and drinking, they didn't heard you opening the wooden door.

The young man with messy blonde hair and green eyes was sitting behind a desk in the captain’s room. It looked like he was reading a map until or something, and he was muttering something to himself. He looked up when he heard you close the door behind you. He raised one of his thick eyebrows and stared at you.

“What do you want?” He asked.

You took a deep breath and bowed down on your knees.

Lily = Liechtenstein

Heey there!
Please tell me if you liked it 'cause if you did I will make part 2 :D
I hope my english wasn't to bad :3
And I had to write this on my phone so If you see any obivious typo's just tell me :3

Next: [link]
I do not own hetalia or the picture :3
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